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Harley TriGlide / Freewheeler Independent Suspension Upgrade

Are you disappointed with the ride quality of your TriGlide or Freewheeler? Soften your ride with the proven Cool Trikes smooth riding TriGlide / Freewheeler Independent Suspension upgrade!

$5995 KIT

*Exchange Parts Required


Before Suspension Upgrade

Tri GLide

The Cool Trikes TriGlide

Tri Glide take off parts

Stock TriGlide / Freewheeler Straight Axle Take Off Parts

Harley Tri Glide

"COol Trikes"
Independent Suspension Upgrade!

"Let us get you back to the head of the pack"...with the CoolTrikes TriGlide upgrade”

The Cool Trikes TriGlide / Freewheeler Independent Suspension upgrade INCREDIBLY improves the riding and handling quality of your TriGlide or Freewheeler. It begins by exchanging the rigid factory straight axle unit for the proven Cool Trikes Independent suspension assembly that rides and glides smoothly over the various road conditions. The upgrade also improves the ride height of the Trike and adds 2” to the wheel base. Your stock drive belt, Cush driven pulley and differential gears are incorporated into the replacement suspension unit. The Trike body retains its stock location. The aluminum coil over adjustable shock absorbers and anti-sway bar will keep your TriGlide or Freewheeler riding like a Cadillac and flowing through the twisty's like a Porsche!

Check out the Cool Trikes Triglide / Freewheeler Independent Suspension upgrade gallery!


Cool Trikes TriGlide independent suspension upgrade kit includes everything needed to upgrade your TriGlide to CoolTrikes independent suspension TriGlide using your Cush Drive Center Assembly, reverse motor, brake components, wheels & tires.

Install Upgrade Kit
Correct Raked Triple Trees
Install Triple Trees
Mechanical Reverse Gear w/ Hydraulic
Install Reverse Gear

All prices based upon working on a stock Harley Davidson TriGlide with all good components.

Prices & Terms subject to change without notice

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